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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Steps...

I suck at counting calories!!!  The word diet makes me itch in embarrassing places.  The thought of a salad WITHOUT RANCH and shredded cheese hurts my heart.  I'm gonna start with just making small changes here and there...and try my own baby steps version of getting healthy.

As it is, I only drink ONE Coke Zero a day and drink tons of water and a glass of skim milk with my dinner.  I'm definitely not fat because of my daily drinking my weekend drinking habits, those might have something to do with the problem.  Although I really don't even drink that much know just the occasional booze fest for a friend's birthday or something.  There are 116 calories in one of my beers of choice.  I'll keep that in mind this weekend :)

My absolute worst habit is night time snacking.  My bedroom is my escape...unless of course one the kids picks the lock or scales the house to come in my bedroom window (it's happened).  I watch t.v. in my bedroom, I read in my bedroom....and I eat in my bedroom, or I did anyway.  That is going to be my first baby step.  No more eating in the bedroom!!!  No more snacking on popcorn or Cheez-Its at night while I'm relaxing.

My second step is gonna be getting outside and doing something!!  I'm gonna start taking after dinner walks with the girls...if they're getting along.  If they're not, the long block will be my new escape and I'll take one of the dogs with me. My happy place is The Greenway...I love to walk it on my lunch break, but these near triple digit highs have prevented this lazy ass of mine from getting out there and doing it...and my addiction to The Hunger Games trilogy.  But now I've finished those...and hopefully the temps will start to cool off soon and I can get back into my lunch time ritual.

Step 3....well, that's gonna be the hardest so far.  My girls and I live with my dad and he does all of the grocery shopping and cooking.  He's an amazingly unhealthy cook.  It's ALWAYS delish...and rarely nutritional.  I'm going to attempt to coax the reigns out of his hands and start implementing some new more healthy meals into our menus...and MAYBE even start cooking a night or two a week.  This is going to be an extreme battle of tug-of-war...and he's still my daddy and he's still stronger than me, but hopefully he'll see my reasoning.  Wish me luck on this one folks.

My scale is antique, so I plan on purchasing a new one this weekend.  I'll take a "before" pic and post my beginning stats soon. 


  1. Did you get my comment about ths yesterday? I'm IN, girl! Baby steps the whole way.

    1. I sure did!! Thank you!!! PS: I think we need to get together soon and escape together!!

  2. Well, I just found you via the Thursday Hop with Two In Diapers. I have to admit that my biggest vice on earth is night time snacking. UGH, it is probably the WORST habit to break. I'm currently taking my dog for a walk around 9pm to help. See ya around!

    Too Smart for Her Own Good

  3. Oooh. I hear ya on the sneaky snacking in the bedroom. I hide my Pringles and cheezits in there! Found you on the TGIF Blog Hop!

  4. new follower from the TGIF hop! I am on a journey to lose 100 lbs! I blog about a lot of mom stuff but fridays i try to dedicate to my journey, ups and downs and honest looks at how its goin!
    Wishing you great success! You can do it!!!
    Misty @

  5. I have all the faith in the world in you and whatever I can do to help I will do.
    Love Ya,

  6. Good luck! I started Weight Watchers 7 weeks ago and I really like it. In some ways it's easier than calorie counting. In some ways it's harder, but it helps with the snacking. I just snack on fruits and veggies (even veggies with ranch) instead of popcorn or crackers and it fits. I hope your plan works for you.

    I found you at the TGIF Blog Hop and am following you. Have a good weekend.

  7. Girl friend...we are sistas from another muther! Found you at the Blog Hop ~ love it. Following you now!

    Dammit...won't let me publish as me...must think I'm someone else now that I said you were my sister. I'm

  8. HI!!! I am totally a night time snacker too!! I will eat so healthy all day and then I will start snacking like crazy once 7pm hits! Work out dvds from the library have been my exercise saving grace. I'm not embarrassed like I would be in a gym class and there are so many different types of workouts to try! Stopping by from the TGIF blog hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  9. I try to break my habit of late night snacking. I found out that fasting really helps me to have a self-discipline and self-control but once fasting is over I go back to my old habit. I have a really messy diet this past few weeks, so I plan to back on track. It's great to have someone to diet with you. It's like a little bit of motivation.
    Good luck!

  10. I had a habit of snacking at night, but now I only allow myself to eat fruit as snacks at night. I lost 6 pounds! New follower from Naptime Reviews blog hop.

  11. Hi I found you on the hop and would love to follow your blog. I wasn't sure if you were aware or not but alot of bloggers who have their own domain are not able to use Google Friend Connect so you might be losing a lot of readers do to this. If you by chance get a twitter or facebook page or LINKY to gain access for your readers, let me know. I would love to follow. If you decide to get those accounts needed and need any help, holler at me, I will gladly help. = )


  12. Wow, I'm SO proud of you. You definitely have some challenges to face and you're still so motivated! Way to go! I can definitely relate to the nighttime snack thing, and the only way I help it is to eat strawberries (did you know 12 small strawberries is one serving? That's a lot!) or a diet-approved protein bar or something a little tastier. And I try not to eat it too early in the evening or I just want to keep on snacking...

    I'm so glad you linked up to the Mixer and I hope to see you again on Thursday! Also, come on by and enter to win a super adorable Thirty-One bag or some awesome discounts on a Thirty-One order! :)

  13. Hi, You are right baby steps is the best way forward, they'll add up in time to the big changes. Have you thought about keeping a food diary, to get a clear idea of where the problems are and also where exactly you need to make changes. Also with regards to the night time snacking make sure you are eating regularly, not missing meals and are eating enough of the right type of food. Your night time snacking may be caused by genuine hunger. Good luck, let me know if I can supprt you, I'll be awaiting your feedback.

    Fitnessbuster supporting you in improving your fitness and nutrition.